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Drawing pad (Lensen)

“เล่นเส้น เป็นอุปกรณ์วาดภาพที่ออกแบบมาสำหรับคนตาบอด โดยใช้ไหมพรมและแถบหนามเตยในการสร้างเส้นนูนที่สามารถสัมผัสได้ในทันที่ที่วาด

Lensen is a drawing tool designed for people with visual impairment. Wool and Hook tape are used to create tactile lines that can be felt through fingertips in real-time.”


Klongdinsor Co., Ltd. / Brand Klongdinsor
10.5 x 18.5 x 33 325
THB 525.00
(USD 0.00)

Lensen was designed with 3 principles: ease of use, multi-purpose, and environmental friendly.
Ease of use – Lensen was designed to be simple, without complicate system. People with visual impairment can use it by themselves.
Multi-purpose – Lensen can be used in many type of drawing from just doodling to creating a master piece.
Environmental friendly – The wool can be reused after drawing. The Lensen pen is made from plastic from sugar.

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