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เปียเกลียวสปริง (Twist Spring Braid Bracelet)

Ms.Piyanuch Saechan / Brand Bamboo braid
8.5 * 8.5 * 9 cm 20 g
THB 1,200.00
(USD 0.00)

The design concept of bamboo braid jewelry was "Braids the hair of women". Women were fond of dressing; producer brought the beauty of a woman's jewelry design through the braid of bamboo strips that the natural material can find at the local area. The brass wire mix to a harmonious bamboo braid. The producer designed many patterns of a modern and luxury braid consistent with a modern lifestyle.
Inspiration of design came from my older sister who braided younger sister since childhood before she went to school every morning. The designer has been loved and impressed of caring. The designer brought the story for creating into handicraft, bamboo jewelry with braid technique. The bamboo braid jewelry products are created value added in the market place and the use of bamboo different from the original

/ 生産

The bamboo braid jewelry products have concept of bringing natural materials for designing and developing actually wearing jewelry. Bamboo is a natural material that is readily available in local areas. The production process is braided by hand, which is an eco-friendly jewelry. Additionally, the bamboo braid can create value added for producers. Also, There are links ties between bamboo growers, bamboo strips manufacturer, and jewelry designer as well.

Human Center
/ 対象年齢

Producer of bamboo braid jewelry regardless of the user. The consumers can use it. This product reflects the unique and different style of the wearer and as a way of life that love nature or green life.

/ 処理

Management debris from bamboo strips, the producer can lead to a compost pile or leave them on the ground to decompose naturally

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