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We welcome your products as long as they are imaginative, eco-friendly, and can be used in everyday life.
If you wish your products to be parts of ECOSHOP.
Please complete this form and we’ll contact you soon.

(please specify about your product)

ECOSHOP will deduct 35% from your price.

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limited only 5 pics and each image must not exceed 200kb

We want to confirm you to agree that:
  • All works submitted must be able to produce at least 5 pieces and ready to sell.
    (We will not accept prototypes.)
  • The submitted product must be designed and produced under your own rights.
  • ECOSHOP will not be responsible in any copyrights infringement.
  • ECOSHOP will contact you if we interest to display your product.
  • All your works is under your rights.

Please click submit ONLY ONCE
ECOSHOP will send you an confirmation email after you submit.
After selection procedures, we will contact you to discuss further details.

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